Everyone thinks “I’m too tired to work out at the end of a long day” or “I’m too busy to get any exercise in”, but if you just do a workout, even if it’s just five minutes, you’ll get the endorphins pumping and have more energy than you did when you first started.

A workout you can do at home in just five minutes.

This is a workout you can do anywhere in the park, in the lounge room. You don’t need any equipment, just your body weight. It works the whole body and tones I’ve also thrown in some mobility moves, perfect for those who sit at a desk all day.


  1. Windmills: Take turns reaching down and touching your toes with the opposite hand.
  2. Squats: and pulse while you’re squatting, if you can!
  3. Plank & push-up combo: start in the plank position, then come up onto your hands and do a push-up. Go on your knees, if you need).
  4. Alternate lunges V-sit kayaks: get in a V position with your legs in the air and arms reaching out at the side.
  5. Sit-ups.
  6. Finish with light stretches

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